Make your own breaking news with Reddit Live

Reddit has officially launched its own live-blogging platform called Reddit Live.

The feature has been in “semi-open” beta for a few months now, and has already covered an eclectic mix of topics from the conflict in Ukraine to the unexpected hit, Twitch plays Pokemon.

During the beta period, only Reddit employees were authorised to create live streams and enable trusted users to contribute.

The feature is now open to everyone and users can submit their ongoing threads to a dedicated subreddit.

A Reddit Live thread differs from standard Reddit threads because there is no limit on how many updates can be posted during the course of an event and users receive updates immediately in real-time.

These live threads are designed to be submitted to whichever subreddits are relevant to the event and can support pictures, video and embedded tweets within each update.

Reddit is not a traditional news outlet, with all of its content either generated by or ranked by its users. However, its large user base means that it could become the default platform for user-created live blogs.

The ability to crowdsource information is also a valuable tool, but it has caused issues in the past. The website was criticised for its kneejerk response to the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013, with what was described as online witch-hunts and dangerous speculation.

Users can now set up their own live thread by going to