UK Netflix users can get paid to watch

Netflix is now looking for taggers based in the UK and Ireland, meaning you could get paid to watch your favourite films and TV shows.

Netflix has around 40 taggers already, but currently these are all based in the US, with the Internet streaming company recruiting from abroad for the first time.

The job would entail watching and analysing Netflix content, before assigning each programme with a series of tags from a selection of around 1000 words covering tone, plot, setting, etc.

In doing so, taggers help to make Netflix’s recommendation algorithm more accurate.

Todd Yellin, vice president of product innovation at the company, explained the importance of these recommendations.

“We see ourselves as a match making service, which means that we get to know our members and how they interact with our service,” he said in an interview with TechRadar.

“We still offer ratings but it is not as important nowadays. The core stuff for us now is paying attention to what users watch. That can tell us how many categories they like so the tagging effort started heading in that direction.”

Netflix will be releasing a video on its Youtube channel soon with all the details on how to become a tagger, but Yellin has stressed that film-fanatics stand the best chance of getting the role.

“What we are looking for is someone who is a real expert on movies and TV shows. They may have done script coverage for a production company or have been a film critic or someone who is just mad about movies.”

Taggers can be based anywhere in the UK and Ireland, as long as they have an Internet connection.

Yellin hopes that by recruiting from outside the US, Netflix will be able to offer recommendations that are more culturally aware, in order to provide the right content for the right people

“There are always different cultural subtleties and we want to capture this in the UK” he said.