10 Best Facebook Tools for Businesses

Facebook is the most used social network across the globe where initially the users tried to find their childhood friends, neighbors, classmates and family relatives living overseas. In the recent years, the interest of people changed and they are now using social platforms for fun, entertainment, online shopping and making new friends.

According to statistica, Facebook has about 1.17 billion active users till the second quarter of 2016. The increased number of users has attracted businesses to monetize the crowd and have a share of profit by promoting products, services, and brands over Facebook. Initially, search engines were the primary sources of getting traffic and customers, whereas social media has proved more effective in reaching customers in an informal and fun loving way. Here are some of the tools that can help business owners, marketers, and agencies to carry out effective social media management.

1. Ajax Social Login

M- Ajax Login/Register is one of the useful tools to allow your users to register or login through their social accounts. It sets the users free from remembering login IDs and passwords. The Ajax based search box enables them to quickly find your store products. The products appear as soon as they type a few characters of the product name. This Magento social login extension adds a bar to your online store with buttons to give the users an easy access to my wish-list, my cart and checkout pages. It facilitates the users to get back to their wish-list or cart regardless of the pages they reach.

2. Heyo

Heyo empowers you to create promotional campaigns with a simple drag and drop procedure. Most of the contests require extensive research and a bit of coding skills, whereas this application removes all the obstacles a layman could face. It also rests assure the creation of mobile-friendly campaigns so that users who are browsing on different screen sizes can get a clear view.

Heyo is also a recommended tool for adding a countdown to the promotions which are helpful in speeding up revenue generation. The countdown is an alarming sign for the customers to avail the offer before it expires and it literally works.

3. Post Planner

Post Planner, as the name suggests, is an impressive tool to help you plan sharing of images intelligently. The idea behind this application is about collecting and posting viral images to enhance customer reach and engagement. It is done with the addition to your regular posts, as the Facebook has its own algorithm to show images to a set of audience.

If you are unable to achieve a higher reach in spite of the creative posts for your products and services, this tool can help you find viral photos and share them in the prime time. The additional of viral posts will give your social profile a sudden post, which means a higher exposure of the under-performing posts.

4. Facebook Insights

The Facebook Insights provide all the basic information a merchant needs to know how a page is performing. One can easily find the insights section in the admin panel and know about different parameters. It allows to overview the reach, likes, and shares of each post made on the page, whereas to dig deeply about posts, there are further tabs available, e.g. promotion, like, reach, page views, posts, events, etc.

5. Buffer

With Buffer, social media managers rests assure a tweet or post reach the audience at the right time. It allows them to schedule social sharing during the peak hours so that they do not miss an opportunity of interacting with customers. It is very difficult for a human brain to share an image at the right time as we all have other activities to perform and cannot stay awake till late night or rise early in the morning just to keep the profiles active. It all can be done with a single schedule option.

6. Social Mention

Social Mention is a renowned tool for keeping track of the discussions about a brand, product or service. Successful businesses need to know about their brands and can easily find it through the conversations relevant to their search queries. Users of this tool can easily track the way people are talking about their products, which can help them improve and add more features or options to achieve customer satisfaction.

7. Edgerank Checker

Edgerank is the effectiveness of the content shared on a Facebook page. This tool enables the managers to know how much the post, images, and texts are effectively engaging users. The free version of this application gives limited insights about user interaction, whereas a premium version can take you to compare the page performance with that of the competitors and other successful businesses in the industry.

8. ConverSocial

ConverSocial provides a centralized management system for responding to the messages received on Facebook and twitter pages. It saves much of the time in signing in to different accounts, reading messages and then replying to each user. Instead, the social media team or any individual can brilliantly manage customer service and support through instant messaging.

9. Crowd Factory

Crowd Factory is a useful marketing tool to assist professionals in managing promotions for extensive brand recognition. This application enables companies to combine marketing experiences with the power of social media, which ultimately brings in more customers. For example, encourage customers to refer a friend, offering group discounts or limited time offers.

10. Polldaddy for Facebook

Polldaddy for Facebook turns a simple idea into an opinion based post. Businesses need to know about a common interest from their fan following which can be achieved by setting up easy to answer polls. With the help of this application, social media strategists can quickly create a poll and know customers opinion about a product or service, or any hot topic. The ultimate goal is to encourage customers to engage in the post by sharing their views and thoughts.


Facebook has a huge number of users and you will never want to miss any of your targeted audience. To make sure the discount deals and offers of your company reach them directly or indirectly, you will either have to work day and night or create a powerful strategy and stick to it. The above-discussed applications assist you to stick to your plans and achieve success without compromising other activities. Hope you will find a suitable tool to boost the social media marketing activities of your project.

Author Bio:

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