Virtual worlds more effective than web conferencing, soon more so than real life?

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Virtual worlds more effective than web conferencing, soon more so than real life?

San Mateo (CA) – Forterra Systems will soon issue a new report claiming that enterprise virtual worlds are much more effective than web conferencing for conducting business. Forterra’s goals run parallel to the report as their desire is to deliver that kind of virtual world technology and software to the real business world. had an exclusive opportunity to view the report. Let’s see what they found out.

The report claims virtual worlds are not only more engaging and entertaining but are also less expensive to operate than audio and web conference systems. The ability to expand, introduce characters and produce virtual presentations are also easily applied logical extensions of the base technology.

Companies like Intel and Microsoft have also embraced the idea of online virtual worlds in recent years. At Fall IDF 2007, Justin Rattner gave an on-stage presentation lasting over 30 minutes on the 3D Second Life website. He showed how easily people can create 3D avatar characters of themselves (his was much younger and fitter than he was), and then engage in a virtual life complete with business, fun, life and living.

Rattner is of the same opinion as Forterra. Namely that such technologies are the way of the future. They believe all businesses and consumers will eventually enter virtual shopping centers and malls in some form or another to carry out their business affairs.

Shopping will take place in the virtual environment where everything can be spruced up to the Nth degree without much added cost or difficulty – just a few lines of code and some additional texture maps. All the while the real product inventory remains in much more cost effective warehouses and storage locations, rather than in expensive store-fronts with highly paid shop-keepers and managers.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get virtual sales assistants that show up with Google-like search abilities? “Hi, I’m Jenny, your virtual store guide. How may I help you?” “Jenny, I’d like to buy some tennis shoes.” “No problem. We have a wide selection. Please choose from this list of vendors and we’ll enter their virtual store front.” Sweet!

Forterra’s current goals are much more realistically attainable, however. They’d like to see businesses offer communication venues between interested parties, be they internal-to-the-company or outwardly consumer-based. From there though, the sky is the limit…

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