Rockstar to launch social networking site for GTA

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Rockstar to launch social networking site for GTA

New York (NY) – Rockstar announced today that it plans to launch a new website called “Social Club” that will allow users to connect and share content in an environment centered around the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV.

Social Club will later be expanded to include communities for other Rockstar games, but the initial features will be things like a dynamic map that shows where all registered users are, online leaderboards, and a GTA IV hall of fame.

In addition, the site will offer special awards to people who complete challenges, like the first registered user to complete the story mode.

Rockstar also plans to introduce new challenges and competitions over time.

Additionally, Rockstar also announced that users will be able to download music tracks directly from the game.  Through a unique partnership with Amazon’s digital music store, an in-game store allows users to purchase MP3 files of songs they hear on the radio while driving around the virtual city.