Samba De Amigo to shake up the Wii

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Samba De Amigo to shake up the Wii

Tokyo (Japan) – The maraca-shaking game that became a cult hit during Sega’s Dreamcast era is getting a revival on Nintendo’s new console.

1UP reports that the rhythm game will be developed by Gearbox Software and published by Sega.  Samba De Amigo was a short-lived but oft-recalled game on Sega’s failed Dreamcast system.  Users had to use special maraca controllers to follow on-screen commands that require shaking the maracas in a certain direction on a certain beat.

The move would make sense, as Sega is bringing a new Nights Into Dreams game to the Wii as well.  Nights is another one-title franchise that came out on an unsuccessful Sega console, the Saturn.  Despite the game creator’s original claim that there would never be a sequel, a new chapter in the Nights story is heading to Wii.

Samba De Amigo has made cameo appearances in Sega titles over the past decade but there has never been an actual follow-up to the original game.  Sega has not confirmed the move, but 1UP says official details will be released soon.