AT&T to save trees, simplifies iPhone bills

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AT&T to save trees, simplifies iPhone bills

New York (NY) – Hundred page iPhone bills should be a thing of the past after AT&T informed customers that it will no longer itemize every call and message.  The telecom giant sent a text message to most of its customers yesterday informing them of the change.  Customers can still view all the detail online or by requesting a full bill through customer service.

The message reads, “We are simplifying your bill, removing itemized edtail. To view all detail go to  Still need a full paper bill? Call 611.”

Recently Justine Ezarik, a blogger for, received a 300-page iPhone bill.  Ezarik shot herself to Internet stardom by videotaping herself opening the boxed bill.  The online video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times ad Ezarik has since been interviewed by both local and national television stations.