Harman Becker launches GPS system that warns speeders

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Harman Becker launches GPS system that warns speeders

Farmington Hills (MI) – Harman/Becker Automotive Systems has launched a new GPS device that will verbally warn drivers when they are in excess of the legal speed limit.

The Traffic Assist Highspeed 7934 is the first GPS system from Harman/Becker, a company more renowned for its high-end automotive audio/video systems, and one of the first devices to integrate posted speed limits in its display.

GPS systems can calculate the speed of the car based on how fast it travels over a short distance.  The Traffic Assist Highspeed 7934 takes that information and compares it against the speed limit on record for the current road and if it thinks the driver is speeding, a “voice signal” will warn him or her.

The GPS unit has a screen size of 3.5 inches, with a full graphical color display and touch screen functionality.  There are also separate backlighting options for day and night time.

Offering support for maps of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the device also doubles as an MP3 player.  Users can plug in an SD card with song tracks and listen to them through the two built-in speakers.  It also has a photo viewing feature for images stored on SD cards.  Maps can be added or updated through a direct-to-PC USB connection, or via the external SD slot.

The device is currently exclusive to Office Depot where it retails for around $300.