Skype 3.1 beta adds virtual yellow pages

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Skype 3.1 beta adds virtual yellow pages

Chicago (IL) – Although Skype 3.0 was just released a few months ago, a new public beta version has already been made available. Skype 3.1 brings to the table, among other things, including a new business search feature.

SkypeFind is the main addition to 3.1, and Skype is calling it a feature that allows users to find and review local businesses. With this new addition, which is largely user-driven, Skype hopes it will be able to create a virtual yellow pages type of directory.

Tying more closely to the backbone of Skype, SkypeFind has users enter a local phone number for any businesses they add, and the listings allow for one-click calls to be made to that number through a user’s Skype account.

Finally, SkypeFind has another little tool that allows users to initiate a chat with people on their contacts list about a specific location or business.

The only other feature mentioned in the Skype blog post is that text chats now allow users to see when users in the room are typing, a feature that is common in most other instant message applications.

The Skype 3.1 beta is available as a free download from Skype’s website.