Myspace and Ebay begin preliminary partnership talks

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Myspace and Ebay begin preliminary partnership talks

New York (NY) – Myspace apparently has entered discussions with Ebay in what could be a joining of titans similar to when Google acquired YouTube in a massive purchase last year.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the social networking site wants to team up with the online auction giant to allow buying and selling through the Myspace network, which would open up e-commerce between Myspace friends with the added security and functionality of eBay and its online payment tool, Paypal.

Reportedly, there would be a new profile space for users’ auctions, and the eBay postings would automatically be updated once a person links it to his or her Myspace account.

Internet partnerships have become a big trend in the past several years. Before acquiring it, eBay had a strong partnership with independently owned Paypal. Last year, Google and YouTube merged to form a much talked about new powerhouse. Amazon has also looked out to independent online companies to offer additional services, like its partnership with DVD-on-demand site CustomFlix.