Convicted phisher faces 101 years in prison

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Convicted phisher faces 101 years in prison

Chicago (IL) – The Can-Spam Act of 2003 looks like it has some teeth as an Azusa California man now faces up to 101 years in federal prison after being convicted of phishing. Jeffrey Goodin sent spoofed emails that appeared to be from AOL and asked for credit card and personal information. Goodin then used the information to make fraudulent purchases.

According to federal prosecutors Goodin sent the emails from several hacked Earthlink accounts. The emails had a fake link that appeared to go to AOL’s Billing Department, but instead linked to websites Goodin had set up.

Prosecutors pressed several other charges against Goodin including wire fraud, unauthorized access of credit cards and possession of credit card devices. He was found guilty on a total of 11 counts. Goodin will be sentenced on June 11th 2007.

The CAN-SPAM act became effective on January 1st 2004 and bans false or misleading email headers. It also prohibits deceptive subject lines and requires companies to give an opt-out method.