Mad Catz to release Xbox Live Arcade controller

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Mad Catz to release Xbox Live Arcade controller

San Diego (CA) – Answering to the wishes of tons of Xbox users just in time for Christmas, Mad Catz today announced that it will release a controller for the Xbox 360 specifically designed to play Live Arcade titles on December 19.

Called the Arcade Gamestick, the controller puts all the Xbox 360 controller buttons, in addition to a flexible joystick, on a small square pad, making it impractical for regular 360 games, but very useful for the old-school arcade titles available for purchase and download from Xbox Live.

There has been increasing consumer demand for a controller specifically designed to handle these games, like the “classic controller” for the Wii virtual console titles. “Retro-arcade games are a hot market segment, especially on Xbox 360 Live Arcade, and this officially licensed Xbox 360 Arcade GameStick is the answer for anyone that values the control and finesse that only a real joystick can provide,” said Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson.

The Gamestick, which will retail for $60, includes an Xbox Live Gold trial membership and “three top-selling Xbox Live Arcade titles”, according to a press release. Current titles on Xbox Live Arcade include Street Fighter II, Time Pilot, and Pac-Man.