PS3 firmware update required out-of-box

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PS3 firmware update required out-of-box

Chicago (IL) – Early adopters for Sony’s next-gen console will need to upgrade their systems if they want to access Sony’s proprietary online service, dubbed the Playstation Network.

According to Sony, the first firmware update for the PS3 will be available by November 17, the same day the console is set to launch in a few major parts of the world including the US. Accessible from the PS3 main menu, the download will bump the console’s software from version 1.0 to 1.1.

Sony also plans to release the next major update of the PSP firmware this month, with the most important addition expected to be the ability to communicate with the PS3 through a wireless connection, which will allow users to share content between the two devices, as well as use the PSP as a remote controller for the home console.

Only 400,000 PS3 units are slated for the US launch, causing a level of consumer frenzy that’s rarely been seen before for a new video game console. Lines outside Best Buy for the November 17 launch began to form earlier this week, while pre-order tickets from various retailers, which sold out within hours, are selling on Ebay for thousands of dollars.