Microsoft releases Windows Desktop Search 3.0

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Microsoft releases Windows Desktop Search 3.0

Redmond (WA) – Just one week after the release of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft has released its latest incarnation of the Windows Desktop Search (WDS). WDS 3.0 searches through all types of documents including emails, music and even your Outlook appointments.

Click here for WDS 3.0 screenshots…

We downloaded and installed the new application to check out some of the new features. After installation, WDS adds a search bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen next to your system tray. There is one checkbox that allows WDS to index and search through encrypted files. Another interesting feature is the ability to re-index portions of the drive, instead of doing the whole drive in one shot.

Much like its main competitor, Google Desktop Search, WDS is available for free and can preview pictures and videos. It can also search through and display contents of PDF files.

The official WDS page doesn’t have the program listed yet, but you can directly download the 4.5 MB file here. Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server with SP1 are supported.