Walmart sells "world’s most energy efficient" notebook

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Walmart sells "world's most energy efficient" notebook

Fremont (CA) – Notebook maker Everex claims that it is offering nothing less than the “world’s most energy efficient” notebook. Based on Via’s C7-M processor, the 15.4″ form factor computer is available for about $500 at Walmart.

Stating that it is the most power-efficient notebook may be a bit far-fetched, since that discipline typically takes in consideration not only power consumption but the level of performance that can be achieved as well. The Via C7-M processor isn’t exactly known for being a race horse, but the chip has made a name for itself in the area of less power-hungry processors.

Everex’ Step Note NC1500 notebook uses the C7-M 1.5 GHz processor which is rated at a peak power of 12 watts. The 5.3-pound system comes with 512 MB DDR2 memory a 60 GB hard drive, a DL DVD burner as well as Ethernet and wireless connectivity. As one of the very few notebooks that is available with the C7-M processor in the U.S., the NC1500 shares the titled as cheapest notebook at Walmart with an Acer, Celeron 380-based model. Both models sell for about $500.

If the budget is tight and low power consumption is a primary concern, then the NC1500 could be an option. Via and Everex promise that the notebook provides “users with 20% [more] battery life than comparable systems.” The two firms did not say how long they expect the NC1500 to run on one battery charge.