Vivendi Universal Games rips Universal from its name

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Vivendi Universal Games rips Universal from its name

Los Angeles (CA) – Vivendi Universal Games is dropping the Universal from its name and becoming Vivendi Games (VG). This name change follows that of its corporate parent, Vivendi Universal, which has become simply Vivendi, following through with its plans to sell its last remaining stake in Universal (merged last year with NBC). The internal workings of both Vivendi and VG will remain the same, except for the formation of two new divisions devoted to mobile and online gaming.

VG is probably most known for owning Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of World of Warcraft (WoW). Buried in the name change press release, VG says WoW now has 6.5 million players. It was just two months ago, on 1 March, that Blizzard announced that WoW had reached 6 million players.

Vivendi Mobile Games will make games for phones and PDAs, while the company will resurrect one of the great names in gaming history, Sierra Online – the name of Ultima’s original publisher – to produce online casual games.