Another Vista launch date: November 2006

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Another Vista launch date: November 2006 is reporting that Windows Vista will be launched in the November time frame of this year. The site refers to a post on “The Official Microsoft Connections Blog,” which apparently stated that “Yes, Vista will be released in November of this year.” However, the author of the post apparently revised this statement to:

“This is the year… the year that Microsoft releases the newest version of Windows. We are targeting to make Windows Vista generally available in the second half of this year, and the exact delivery date will ultimately be determined by the quality of the product.”

There is no doubt that this will ring in another round of speculation when Vista may be hitting stores. Here’s our take.

TG Daily reported on 28 February that Microsoft is likely to introduce the operating system in the first week of October. According to our sources, there appears to be no reason to believe that this time has change; however we also know, that the launch is still more than half a year out in the future and launch dates can slip a week or two.

However, looking at the blog’s source code, the meta tag reads “We are targeting to make Windows Vista generally available in the second half of this year, and” – which could indicate that the blog was never meant to carry a “November” release information or that this blog was one of Microsoft’s famous controlled leaks: A piece of information that was meant to be edited a few hours after publication to keep the speculation about Vista alive. However, if that is true, then we could see Microsoft exploring the public reaction to a possible delay of Vista from October into November.

Leaving the thin ice of speculation, we do know that on of the most reliable indicators for the Vista launch will be the introduction date of Intel’s Merom processors. While it is almost certain that the desktop version of Merom (“Conroe”) will be released before Vista will be announced, we were told by several industry sources that Intel will be aligning Merom’s launch with the introduction of Vista. Intel currently states that Merom will be available in the second half of this year, while sources have nrrowed that statement down to “early Q4”.