Compaq provides fix for Presario glitch

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Compaq provides fix for Presario glitch

Compaq Computer has acknowledged a problem that has caused some Presario 5800 series PCs to inexplicably freeze up, forcing users to shut down and reboot.

The models that seemed most affected are Presario 5834, 5837, 5838, 5852 and 5868 with AMD K6-2 or Athlon processors, although many users report the same problems with Intel Pentium III or Celeron systems, such as the Presario 5835.

Compaq says the problem appears to be in Windows operating system settings and how the PC’s system resources are utilized. A high number of programs running in the background puts an abnormal strain on the user’s PC, the company said.

A FAQ sheet for the problem is posted at where users are advised to download and install two software updates. However, both are for AMD systems only.

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