Millennium bug a bust – so far

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Millennium bug a bust - so far

The long-awaited and much-feared Y2K bug failed to have much of an impact on the world’s computer systems as clocks rolled over to the new millennium.

“All the preparation work that has gone on has apparently worked,” said Kathy Fithen, manager the coordination center of CERT, the Computer Emergency Response Center at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Experts had expected to see problems surface in parts of Asia and in Russia, but aside from a few minor incidents there were no significant reports of incidents.

U.S. officials reported a smooth transition for U.S. aviation, railroads, maritime traffic and pipeline systems, while power industry officials said a few confused clocks were the only problems reported in the North American electricity grid. However, they warn that it’s too early to declare complete victory, with the next test coming today and tomorrow as businesses around the world reopen to reveal possible hidden Y2K glitches.

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