Hacker Mitnick released today

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Hacker Mitnick released today

After nearly five years behind bars, hacker Kevin Mitnick gets released from a medium-security California prison today.

The 36-year old was captured by the FBI in February, 1995 after a computer security expert traced Mitnick to his hideout in Raleigh, N.C.

After a series of courtroom battles, Mitnick pleaded guilty in March 1999 to seven felonies and admitted to his Internet hacking. Yet in an interview last July, he complained about his treatment by the government prosecutors, whom he said were “grossly exaggerating the losses in the case and the damages I caused.”

Mitnick, who will live with his father in Southern California, is banned for three years from using any kind of computer equipment without the prior written permission of his probation officer.

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