Sony, Toshiba update notebook lines

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Sony, Toshiba update notebook lines

Sony and Toshiba have released new notebooks, including a new 2.2 pound Sony PictureBook and budget-priced Toshiba Satellite models.

Sony’s revised Vaio CIXS PictureBook measures just over an inch thick, offering a 400MHz Pentium II and a built-in digital camera.

The PictureBook will retail for about $2,300.

Toshiba’s Satellite 1605CDS and 1625CDT models will sell for much less. The $1,199 1605 features a 450MHz AMD K6-2, 32MB of memory and a 12.1″ screen. The 1625, priced at $1,599, comes with a 475MHz K6-2 and 64MB of memory.

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