Rambus sues Infineon for SDRAM royalties

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Rambus sues Infineon for SDRAM royalties

Rambus Inc. has brought another patent infringement suit, this time against the German Infineon Technologies. Filed in the U.S., the suit is the latest in a series aimed at deriving payment for the use of Rambus’s synchronous DRAM technology as well as double data rate (DDR) memories, and controllers interfacing those chips. According to Rambus, its fee schedule for these intellectual products is higher than what it charges for its Direct Rambus format, a pricing strategy consistent with the premise that the company’s goal is widespread, long-term adoption of its Rambus memory technologies.

Reportedly, Infineon has been preparing its own suit against Rambus, meant to turn the tables on Rambus. The suit could, in fact, provide the arena wherein the ongoing question of who first came up with the important technologies at the center of this dispute is settled. Reportedly, a group of computer tech firms, including Intel, have been meeting to plan an attack on the Rambus patents based on the accusation that the company actually patented technologies that arose from industry group discussions during the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council.

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