Is PS2 shortage a DVD copyright issue?

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Is PS2 shortage a DVD copyright issue?

Sony Corp. has officially blamed its need to halve US shipments of the long-awaited PlayStation2 game console on a parts shortage. Some analysts, however, are questioning that story, pointing out that companies with Sony’s clout in the electronics marketplace have simply not been effected by components shortages, though second-tier firms certainly have. According to an article in the Electronic News, sources are saying that production delays were the result of a struggle with Hollywood forces who were disturbed that the Japanese version of the PS2 allowed users, with a simple hack, to get around the DVD Content Security System. The CSS allows studios to use country codes to control the release dates of movies in different regions and, according to speculations, Sony was forced to re-engineer both the DVD software and hardware to make the US and European versions harder to thwart.

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