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The people behind are engaged in an aggressive lobbying effort to change copyright law concerning the storage of music on the Internet. Last week, the Million E-Mail March was launched in an effort to show legislators widespread public support for’s streaming of music to people who have legally purchased it. This is despite the fact that there is very little chance that the recently filed House bill that would legalize the practice, the Music Owners’ Listening Rights Act of 2000, will reach the floor until next year. The idea is, apparently, to build the impression of massive public support well before the bill is voted on.

The “March” is actually the second mass e-mail effort by and is centered around the company’s tools that allow supporters to locate their representatives by ZIP code and send them e-mail. In July, urged users to e-mail Senators Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy, forcing Leahy to shut down his e-mail system.

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