NVidia to buy 3dfx?

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NVidia to buy 3dfx?

The group behind the network bus standard developed and backed by high-end car makers, including DaimlerChrysler, Audi and BMW, is dropping its 0.3 euro (about 30 cents) per device license fee. According to its developers, the entire specification for the Media Oriented Systems Transport (Most) will be on the organization’s Website as soon as it is ready. The purpose of the move is to build support for Most as the standard automotive industry bus, already the favorite for endorsement by the important Automotive Multimedia Interface Consortium. As the development cycle for an automobile runs eighteen months or more, long enough for electronics to become obsolete, a standard network bus is critical if the auto industry is to fully integrate the most current electronics into vehicles.

To read the source article, click eet.com. To access two overviews of the need for a bus standard, click news.excite.com. and eet.com.