Crusoe performance questioned

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Crusoe performance questioned

Even before the launch of the Pentium 4 next month, Intel Corp. has reduced prices again on their technological centerpiece. Various sources have leaked internal pricing information indicating that the 1.4GHz P4 will be priced at $625 and the 1.5GHz at $795 in quantities of a thousand. These prices are down from $652 and $827 only a few weeks ago. The P4 will, apparently, give back to Intel the “fastest desktop chip” status and will come packaged with Rambus memory, subsidized by Intel’s RDRAM Credit Program that pays $70 per processor, dropping by $10 after the first of the year. Most analysts believe the cuts reflect the chip manufacturer’s increasing concern with Advanced Micro Device’s success exploiting recent Intel missteps, most having to do with its Rambus alliance.

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