Tiny storage devices pitched at Comdex

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Tiny storage devices pitched at Comdex

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has validated seven double-data-rate (DDR) memory modules (DIMMs) from three manufacturers. While IC parts may be shipped and sold before being validated, the process of validation is a rigorous testing process that, when passed, provides the level of assurance that OEMs usually need before using them in systems. DIMMs from Infineon Technologies AG, NEC Corp. and Samsung Semiconductor Inc. have been validated in conjunction with AMD’s 760 chipset, removing the last roadblock to widespread sales of AMD’s high-end Athlon systems.

In related news, executives from Samsung Semiconductor Inc. have announced that the company will ship DDR SDRAMs to PC manufacturers ahead of schedule, as AMD has finished validating the companies DDR modules for use with the AMD-760 PC chipset. The US director of DRAM marketing for the Korean Samsung said that this makes possible off-the-shelf DDR PCs by spring.

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