FCC ties open IM to AOL-Time Warner deal

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FCC ties open IM to AOL-Time Warner deal

Purdue University scientists have put a “full quantum” simulation tool, called nanoMOS, on the Web for researchers developing nano-sized computer components. Accessible through a standard browser, the simulator has helped model an experimental double-gate transistor that could theoretically carry twice the current twice as fast as conventional versions.

Double-gate transistors may help solve design problem encountered when transistor sizes drop below 100 nanometers. Conventional transistors fall prey to quantum mechanics, interfering with switching functions. The nanoMOS tool simulates electrical conduction in individual molecules, and predicts that double-gate transistors will function at gate lengths as short as 10 nanometers, thus extending Moore’s Law through to the year 2025.

A related story details Intel’s 30nm transistor breakthrough, announced last week, with a picture.

Access the source article at For more on the Intel transistor, see