Honeypots lure hackers for study

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Honeypots lure hackers for study

WorldNetDaily is citing military intelligence sources concerning a US customs and FBI investigation into the transfer of as many as 4000 Sony PlayStation 2 consoles to Iraq. A Defense Intelligence Agency report says, according to the story, that the government agencies are investigating the purchases of the game systems because PS2s can be linked to form a crude super-computer for a military applications. The sale of the systems is legal due to a loophole in a UN ban on the export of computer technology to Iraq.

“Applications for this system are potentially frightening,” said one unidentified intelligence source. “One expert I spoke with estimated that an integrated bundle of 12-15 PlayStations could provide enough computer power to control an Iraqi unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV – a pilotless aircraft.”

For more, click worldnetdaily.com and theregister.co.uk.