Corel expected to sell Linux group

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Corel expected to sell Linux group

Striking preemptively at Transmeta, Intel Corp is introducing an “ultra-low power” 500-MHz mobile Pentium III chip this month at about $200. Originally scheduled for the latter part of the year, the release has been rescheduled to prevent unchallenged low-power releases by both Transmeta and Advanced Micro Devices. Transmeta is reportedly planning two new 5600 chips, 667 MHz and 700 MHz, with updated code morphing software in Q1.

A ZDNet story reports that Intel also has an ultra-low-power 500-MHz mobile Celeron chip ready for sale this month at about $100. Intel lowers power consumption by reducing clock speed and processor core voltage when operating on batteries. The low-power P3 runs at 500 MHz and 1.1 volts while on AC power and at 300 MHz and less than 1 volt on batteries. At lower speeds, the chip uses less than half a watt and requires no fan.

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