Unisys, MS, Dell tackle ballots

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Unisys, MS, Dell tackle ballots

Sparking increased concern among virus specialists, the Hybris worm continues to infect computers. Hybris utilizes extremely clever programming that allows the virus to change its appearance and update itself. Moreover, the writer or writers of the worm are using an important anti-virus newsgroup to post updates, frustrating desires to shut down the source of modifications. Hybris spreads as an attachment to email messages and infects Windows systems. After infecting WSOCK32.DLL, it sends infected messages to recipients who have been e-mailed by the host.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems reports that its Content Security Response Team (CSRT) has determined the worm author is Vecna, whose name appears in the virus copyright notice. Vecna is believed to be the author of the Babylonia virus that also modified itself. Aladdin says Vecna is part of the so-called VX-BRAZIL group.

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