ABIT Says Use Serial ATA RAID Now!

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ABIT Says Use Serial ATA RAID Now!

Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, August 15, 2002 – ABIT is proud to announce its latest innovation in motherboard technology, giving users the MaxIImum Edge: Serillel ATA. Only from ABIT, Serillel ATA brings more flexibility to MAX 2 users, allowing them to use their current hard disk with the latest Serial ATA technology. Thanks to ABIT’s revolutionary transitional technology, ABIT users don’t have to wait for serial ATA technology to become readily available, but can enjoy many of the benefits of Serial ATA with their current hard disk.

What is Serillel ATA?

ABIT Serillel ATA is a cable set up that enables users to connect parallel HDDs to the serial ports on the new ABIT MAX 2 series of motherboards. With ABIT Serillel ATA, users now have the option of using parallel or serial drives without wasting system resources on unused serial ports, allowing 4 channels of RAID with a combination of parallel and serial drives. With ABIT Serillel ATA, MAX 2 users will continue to have more options to expand their system, allowing for ultimate flexibility. Not only are your hard drive options expanded, the new Serillel cables are cool in more than one sense; these new Serial ATA cables are thin and discrete and will help keep your system temperature down, even better than the sometimes problematic round cables. In addition to better cooling, Serillel ATA cables also provide for a data transfer rate of 150 Mb/s.


While every other motherboard manufacturer has included serial ATA on their latest products, ABIT users demand more: that’s why ABIT has enabled serial ATA RAID on the new MAX 2 series of motherboards. Serial ATA RAID is accomplished through the use of the advanced Highpoint 374 RAID controller, giving users maximum flexibility to simultaneously increase the speed of data transfers between HDDs and protect precious data. What’s more, with ABIT’s Serillel cables, users can run any combination of serial and parallel drives in RAID, allowing them to experience serial ATA RAID right now, not 6 months from now.

With ABIT Serillel ATA RAID, ABIT users have the most options in deciding how to best accommodate new and mature HDD technologies to their PCs. While other motherboard companies have all included Serial ATA on their latest products, only ABIT lets you experience serial ATA right now and gives you the option of serial ATA RAID now or in the future. Serillel ATA RAID is another example of how ABIT is committed to leading the motherboard industry through technological innovation, giving ABIT users the MaxIImum Edge.