Gesture Your Mouse Goodbye

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Gesture Your Mouse Goodbye

A company called FingerWorks is attempting to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, with their iGesture device, designed to replace the current rodent-like mouse design.

“As your fingers and hands touch the surface, the microprocessors are constantly able to observe what’s going on…This is the beginning, we think, of a gesture-based language for communicating with and interacting with computers”. Although we’re not sure how practical or gamer-friendly this device is, it’s definitely an interesting concept, albeit, with a very steep learning curve. “To open a file, a user rotates a hand as if to open a jar. To close a file requires the opposite rotation. To cut a piece of text, pinch the fingers together, and to paste, flick the fingers outward. To zoom in, expand all five fingers, jazz-hands style. Contract the hand to zoom out”.

Wired News has the scoop.