New CS Tournament at

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New CS Tournament at

Ultimate Arena is holding a $1000, one-day Counter-Strike tournament, aptly titled “Don’t Hate the Playa – Hate the Game”. “So, you’ve got mad skillz, but can’t prove it because you’re always stuck on the crappy team vs. a stacked team. Well then, the “Don’t Hate the Playa – Hate the Game” tournament is the Counter-Strike tournament for you! Using Ultimate Arena’s unique “Auto-Balance by Skill” feature, UA automatically splits up the teams evenly based on your UA skill rating before you enter the game. The highest rated player goes on the Counter-Terrorist Team, the second and third highest go on Terrorist Team, fourth and fifth go on CT team, etc. This means that no matter what your skill level is, the teams will be evenly matched. So it’s all about individual skill and how well you can carry your team. The individual with the most wins during the 12 hour window wins the tournament!”

More details are available here.