Your content strategy needs social media to thrive

“Content is fire and Social Media is gasoline”

Words are mighty indeed but unless you give them a platform for distribution, they’ll never reach people.

Yes, blogging and longform content are still relevant in 2018, probably even more than ever but you need to know that organic growth is laborious. Brands, people have been blogging, connecting with their audience for over a decade now but what’s so new that will earn you the leads you want?

There’s plenty of competition and no way of figuring out how the sophisticated Google Algorithm works. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t explore territories beyond the search engines and target a refined audience on Social Media. Any experienced and reliable SEO company will advise you to expand your horizons with content marketing and distribution to maximise referral traffic.

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc have several million active users. As a content creator and strategist, you need to play the content game smart by understanding how you can supplement your content strategy with sophisticated social media content distribution.

Here’s how to use social media to your advantage to power your content strategy:

Choose the right platform for your desired audience

Just substantial and mind-blowing content won’t get you enough readers and leads. You will need to proactively search for people who will enjoy your content and turn into leads. It’s all about helping your brand find a voice and an audience and making it easy for the latter to stay connected with you.

But before you start posting content on Social Media, figure out which platform is best suitable for your business. If your content strategy is B2B, linkedIn and Twitter would prove to be fruitful investments. However, if it’s more B2C, you might want to try Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest.

R&D to figure out the best social platform for your content may be time-consuming. So, it’s best consult with a digital marketing company that has expertise in your domain.

Repurpose your content

Merely publishing an outstanding blog isn’t enough. You need to frequently tell people about it. There’s so much content on people’s feed that they often end up missing the crucial posts so if you repurpose your content reuse it again and again with a new purpose on numerous social media channels, you will surely get extensive exposure.

You can download easy to use applications like Canva that let you make graphics on your own and zero design skills/expertise. Choose from a variety of templates, tweak them a little to suit your theme and upload your content. You can even pick from a variety of free of cost design formats for graphics, posters, infographics, charts-pies, etc and repurpose your longform blog content for social media.

Setup your network

Having a network of friends, acquaintances and loyal customers is great. But try setting up a network by creating your own, personalized group on LinkedIn or Facebook or a community page to help people connect with your brand better.

The people who are part of your social media network are the people who will end up becoming your biggest spokespersons and ambassadors if you do it right.

Don’t just focus on self-promotion but on actual engagement by searching for content creators like you. Comment on their content, share, tag them when you make a post relevant to them and even invite action through engaging contests and similar methods.

You may be meeting people in real life so focus on them as well and narrow down your hunt for audience by figuring out what your regular audience is looking for.

Initiate conversations

Quora is a brilliant platform for distributing your content. You don’t have to start promoting yourself outright but instead connect with your audience by answering their questions.

In content marketing, you will hear this a lot: Empathize with your audience. Identify their pain points and solve their problems.

People have a horrible attention span so you can’t really expect them to not skim through your content. The only way of catching and retaining their attention is by offering them exactly the solution they have been looking for. Quora is an esteemed platform that people use for not only answering questions but also promoting themselves and expand their audience. So, don’t abuse the platform by publishing spammy links or excessive links but answer questions thoroughly.

Soon as you begin answering questions, keep the process consistent and only answer questions that you understand well. Answering numerous types of questions that have nothing to do with your expertise won’t help much. So focus your efforts on relevant questions that help you distribute your content better.

For example, plenty of digital marketing companies answer SEO, online marketing, online reputation management and social media marketing questions repeatedly just to garner interest in their services. Naturally, some publish a link to their landing page outright while some focus on building relationships through non-promotional answering.

Republish your content

The biggest advantage of republishing your content is that you don’t even have to come up with new content ideas and blogs. Just repurpose the relevant content from even a year back, give it an engaging visual makeover through infographics, or charts, or doodles and start distributing it across your social media channels.

Moreover, it’s possible that you may have written something that was relevant during the time of writing. Since Google despises outdated writing, you can always add updates to your old blog posts and other content and re-publish it.

Writers and bloggers often do yearly pieces or guides or how-to-guides in parts to keep the length digestible and audience interest piqued. You can always publish your best performing content and add new parts or series to it and use insights to give a contemporary overview of your posts.

Post during peak engagement times

The best way of maximising your output through social media is by determining when is your audience most active. You want your audience logged in and most active when you post so they don’t just notice your content but also read it thoroughly and share it with their friends. Posting content when your audience is sleeping or inactive or not logged in will just bury your posts deep down into the bottomless feed that most people shy away from exploring.

Check analytics if you have available on your social media to confirm when your is audience most active. If you have just created new pages and profiles across social media, you can rely on available research and statistics to determine the best posting times for each platform.

Promote your content on Social Media

Social Media is more an engagement driving platform that will get you impressive referral traffic. But you can’t simply rely on free-of-cost methods of distributing content so consider boosting and promoting your posts so you can reach a more narrow but specific and target audience.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, among other social media networks offer affordable advertisement programs. So, you can start distributing your content and your posts better to a more refined audience through these. In fact, these social media networks will give you cold-hard facts and numbers along with estimates concerning the volume of people you will be able to reach.

Based on the resulting analytics and engagement, you can further refine your content strategy and evolve your content creation process.

Summing up

As a search/content marketer and strategist, you aren’t just responsible for producing sufficient content. Ensuring that it reaches the exact audience you have in mind and the audience it was created for is crucial. This is where Social Media enters the big picture. If the hullabaloo of social media intimidates you, you can always employ a digital marketing company to streamline the content publication and distribution process.

Just in case I lost you at the intro, here are the key takeaways from the piece:

  1. You can’t solely rely on your blog and SEO strategy to get more readers/leads and retain their attention.
  2. Content and search marketing isn’t just about content creation and publishing. You need to find creative portals of connecting with people so you can distribute your content better to reach a broader audience.
  3. Before you start publishing your content on Social Media, determine which platform is best suited for your brand.
  4. Determine when is your desired audience most active on your preferred social media platform to garner your content maximum attention.
  5. Resolve queries, pain points and offer reliable and expert opinion to your content relevant posts on Quora. Search for questions that are relevant to your content strategy/nature and gradually refer your content there.
  6. Republish your best performing content with updates and repurpose your content through interesting visuals while making cross-platform posts.
  7. Use ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms with a high volume of your desired audience to reach out to more people.

Author Bio

Nagendra Singh heads the Search Marketing team at the SEO Corporation other than being an integral part of its founding family. At SEO Corporation, an award-winning internet marketing agency, he heads the Search Engine and Social Media marketing and optimization team. With a decade of experience, Nagendra Singh has helped businesses across the world grow their market through web traffic enhancement.