How to Locate Android Phone Location Using iPhone

We are pretty much chained to our smartphones, and we are unwilling to spend a second without it. Even when nothing is going on our phones, we keep it closer to us. However, if it is lost or stolen, we are miserable. Therefore, the article offers a Find my iPhone Android feature to locate the lost phone.

Suppose you are looking for an answer to “How to Track my Android Phone,” then study the rest of the article carefully. The user can also utilize the real-time location sharing functions of Google Maps for discovering their lost Android phone.

Part 1: How to Use Find My iPhone Android Feature to Get Directions?

To know the detailed procedure of how to track my Android phone using Google Find My Device, this section shall help you with it. Google Find My Device may be an Android app and doesn’t come in handy when an Android phone is lost as it cannot be downloaded on an iOS device. One can access it through the website.

Follow the steps below keenly to find an Android device.

Step 1: For starters, launch Safari on your iPhone. One can make use of any other browser as well. Type “” in the address bar.


Step 2: Now, the user is instructed to enter the active ID on your lost device and hit “Next.” Type your password and again click “Next.”


Step 3: The main page shall appear, showing a map and the other device information. Hit the “Location Tag” from the Map, and the coordinate information pops up in the “Maps” app.


Step 4: Tap on “Directions” to know the route from your current location to the device location.


However, there are some limitations to the usage of Google Find my Device. 

  • If the GPS of the lost Android device is turned off, then you cannot track the phone.
  • If you have enabled the two-step verification on the phone, the verification code is sent to the lost phone, and you will be struck. If the user has Google backup codes, this issue might be resolved. 

Part 2: Use Google Maps to Find Android Device on iPhone

“How to Track iPhone from Android?” and “How to Locate Android Phone?” These concerns will be addressed by using Google Maps and having a hold of the lost device. Google Maps is one such device that plays an important role in sharing the live location with others and navigation. Moreover, one can limit the time for location sharing.

To use Google Maps to find the Android device in iPhone, have a look at the procedure below:

Step 1: First, download “Google Maps” from the App Store and Play Store. After the installation process is concluded, launch the app.

Step 2: Now, allow the location tracking feature from the app. After that, hit the “Circular Blue” button located at the bottom right corner of the Maps to see your current location.


Step 3: Click on the “Blue Location” to explore more options and then tap on “Share your Location.” The user is suggested to choose the time for which the location sharing will be turned on.


Step 4: Launch your “Messages” afterward and type in contact with which you want to share the location. A custom-created link shall appear. Hit “Send” after that.


Part 3: Track My Android All Activities using FamiSafe Phone Tracker

If you want to use third-party software that offers you a vast range of features to keep an eye on your kid, this section shall help you with it. FamiSafe is one such app that has made the protection and security of kids their priority. 

FamiSafe lets the parents have a complete check on their kids. From their physical movement to digital ones, this remarkable tool ensures that parents know it all. In addition to this, one can count on it for cyberbullying prevention and effective customer support at all times. 

Before getting into the steps that provide an answer to “How to Find a Phone and Track One?” the user is suggested to glance at the features offered by FamiSafe.

  • Internet Filter: The Internet Filter features let the parent discover the inappropriate websites and block them from the kid’s device. Moreover, one can make the browsers kid-friendly for the protection of their child.
  • Location Tracker: The Location Tracker features make sure that you know about the accurate location of your children at all times. You can also create geofencing zones to secure your child from unsafe geographical locations.
  • Controlled Screen Time: This miraculous app lets the parents limit the screen time of the child’s usage of social websites. A smart schedule can establish good digital habits for your kid.
  • Parental Control: FamiSafe provides automatic alerts to the parent’s device when unauthorized and inappropriate content is witnessed on the teen’s device. This protects them from online danger effectively. 

If you are unaware of how FamiSafe operates, allow us to walk you through it.

Step 1: Setting up FamiSafe

Install the app on both devices using App Store or Play Store. After it is downloaded, launch on your phone. Create an account and log in from your device as well as the kid’s smartphone.

Step 2: Connecting FamiSafe

Mark “Parent” from your device and “Kid” from your child’s phone. Conclude the setup by choosing your target device, if it is an iOS or an Android device. Make sure that both devices are connected.

Step 3: Real-Time Location

Now, the user can work on its multiple features for the safety of their child. To know the real-time location of your loved one, click on “Real Time Location” under the menu of “Home.” Hit the “Refresh” icon to know your child’s location.

Step 4: Location History

To have a glance at the location history of your teen, select “Features” and then hit “Location History.” The location history can be viewed from the timeline form.

Step 5: Geofencing

To activate the “Geofencing” feature, the user is directed to hit “Features” and then “Geofences” from the list of features. Tap “Add” to create a geofence. One can name it, add the location, and choose the range territory for the geofence zone. Hit “Save” afterward.

The Final Verdict

The article articulates how to find a phone in case it is lost using an iPhone device. The user has been provided the methods for using the Google Find My Device application and Google Maps to get rid of this stress once and for all. In the end, FamiSafe has been introduced as an award-winning parental control app.

Written by; Adam Eaton