Obama’s grass-roots, 13 million to affect national tech policy

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Obama's grass-roots, 13 million to affect national tech policy

Washington (DC) – In a video message on Saturday, President-elect Obama said to the 13+ million involved in the grass-roots effort to get him elected, “You’ve built the largest grass-roots movement in history and shaped the future of this country. And the movement you’ve built is too important to stop growing now.”

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this story in its Tech section because the initiative Obama’s team is pursuing could ultimately become the single largest lobbying group ever created – both at the State and federal levels.

The organization, now being called Organizing for America, will be moved to new management. Obama said the Democratic National Committee, under the direct supervision of Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine (D), will guide and direct the organization’s movements as part of the active, grass-roots Democratic Party. Such a group may prove to be in a position capable of exerting significant national influence on local populations as issues relating to technology are placed on the table.

IT related items on the Obama’s agenda after he is sworn in as president include; Net Neutrality, selecting a new FCC chairman (which could have significant ramifications to the mobile broadband markets, as well as 3.5G and 4G network availability during his tenure as president), and possibly even bailout efforts for failing IT companies in the United States.

Obama is also looking to alter the way NASA currently operates by bringing the Pentagon in to help develop a new rocket engine capable of returning the U.S. to the moon by the year 2020 – a policy which runs contrary to the current plan where NASA is developing the Ares I and Ares V rockets for light-lift and heavy-lift U.S. operations.

See The Wall Street Journal.