Techbase Solution Customer Review

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Techbase Solution Customer Review

Techbase Solution is one of the leading MLM software company in Malaysia that provides enterprise-level, fully integrated software that is capable of accomplishing all sorts of MLM Business requirements.

With today’s reality and business trends, businesses are looking to upgrade their system from pen and paper to online in hopes of improving efficiency and productivity. This is why we have decided to interview a few of Techbase Solution’s existing customers to find the best system developer for small businesses. Listed below is what we gathered from our interview with them:

What do you think of Techbase Solution?

Since we’ve been a Techbase Solution customer, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in performance within our company. The workflow of our company was extremely chaotic and all over the place, but since Techbase Solution implemented their systems onto our company, everything has been moving smoothly ever since. We were very impressed by the quality of their work as well as their “Put Customers First” attitude.

Why do you use their system?

A good backend system is like the “backbone” for a business. It links everything together allowing the business to run smoothly and without interruptions. We decided to use Techbase Solution’s system because they have a team of experienced professionals that are able to use their expertise to develop a reliable system for our company.

Is their system hard to use?

That is a very good question. Techbase Solution prioritizes on developing systems with customers in mind making it as user-friendly as possible. What this means is that different customers are able to choose what they need and Techbase will develop the system accordingly. Which is why we want to say no. However, at the same time we feel that being too customizable isn’t always good. For example when a company does not know what is best for them they might just ask for everything and end up only using a few features. That was the case with our system, we initially thought we knew what was best for our company but after using the system for some time we realized we’ve only been using half of the provided features. Knowing that now, we could’ve cut down on cost by requesting for only the required features.

Have you encountered any problems while using the system?

Yes, once we encountered a problem at 3 am in the morning where there was an issue with the login system. We immediately called the Techbase Solution’s support team to inform them about it. Surprisingly enough, it was solved within 2 to 4 hours exactly as they promised even though it was in the middle of the night. This is the kind of service that is worth paying for. You never know when you might need it but you will be at ease knowing it is there.

Would you recommend Techbase Solution to others?

Yes, I would strongly recommend Techbase Solution to anyone looking for a system upgrade for their business. Even though there are a few downsides to their systems, we believe the good far outweighs the bad. Besides who wouldn’t want a team of highly skilled professionals in their back pocket? From stable backend systems to specialized frontline services, Techbase Solution got you covered!

The Bottom Line…

After talking with Techbase Solution’s existing customers, we realized that having a stable “backbone”for any business is extremely valuable. Having a system that allows you to keep track of everything is something all businesses need. Businesses that are unable to develop these systems for themselves are looking for companies like Techbase Solution to employ their services. You can check out Techbase Solution if you’re interested to learn more.