SolidStudio: A Simple (But Complete) Review

Poland is one of the top countries when it comes to software development, with highly skilled developers. The country also boasts of advanced tech ecosystems. 

Solidstudio software house is a Poland based company that provides software development services for startups and companies. They work with companies building and migrating products in the cloud developed to bring proficiency in their businesses. Partnering with companies, this software development company develops new solutions for each company in the most effective way.

Services offered by Solidstudio include:

IT consulting

Sometimes a software solution may not match a company’s business goals and the only alternative is to seek the services of a software development company. Solidstudio offers just that. According to them, IT solutions should match industry demands as well as specific organizational objectives. For this reason, they offer IT consulting services with the aim of ensuring that their clients get the best possible software solutions.

Custom software development

Every business is unique and cannot reuse a previous project to design an application in it. In most cases, a niche can be complex and a business may wish to have specific knowledge reflect in the IT product. 

As a custom software development company, Solidstudio implements products that are tailored for each company’s needs with the highest standards. Their developers can transform internal processes and knowledge into apps to allow a business to scale as it grows.

E-commerce Software development

Solidstudio helps e-commerce ventures to make the most of innovative technologies with their e-commerce software development services. They support online stores at every step of the venture from architecture and design to development and deployment.

Product development

Software development is a complex process that requires some expertise. Every company requires an experienced tech partner for support at every step. Solidstudio helps companies build their software products using the most innovative technologies and product development approaches to ensure that the end result is of high-quality, scalable, and flexible.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation involves integrating digital technology tools into different areas of their business. Solidstudio provide solutions that challenge and improves long-standing business processes to help organizations become more innovative and flexible.

Cloud applications development

Cloud now exists in every area of IT. Hosting an application in the cloud reduces costs, speeds up delivery processes, gives users a working product and gives an edge over competitors.

At Solidstudio, all their products are hosted in different providers such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Heroku to provide maximum and build applications.

Solidstudio also uses top-notch technologies for maximum delivery of services. Such technologies include:

Java development

Java is one of the best technologies in the market. It has a wide range of applications from web applications and enterprise system to FinTech solutions, CRMs, and ERPs. 

Java also allows developing cloud-native applications which always guarantees success. Solidstudio uses Java to deliver robust systems to their customers. 

Groovy development

Groovy is a dynamic language designed for the Java platform that helps to increase developers’ productivity. Solidstudio provides quality Groovy developers skills to their Jav projects, ensuring that their clients get high-quality codes.

Node JS development

NodeJS is a data-intensive application technology that delivers high performance in real-time. Solidstudio provides their clients with high-quality web applications to help them achieve business objectives. 

Other than the few mentioned, other technologies solidstudio provides are ReactJS development, Angular Development, and Distributed Systems Development.

Their outsourcing services include: Java outsourcing, Nearshore Software Development and Offshore Software Development.

Soildstudio has had the privilege of working with big companies such as GrandVision, T-Cup, ConnectYourCare, Ingresso, Pragmatic Coders, Cracow Local Tours, and Chceumiec proving to be one of the most sought- after software development company.