Order Group: A Complete Solutions Review 2019

Order Group is a Poland-based software development company that delivers high-quality services for the most demanding corporate and startup clients. Order Group has some of the best developers who build bespoke IT solutions and systems using optimized, safe, high-quality code with modern and user-friendly interfaces.

Order Group helps its clients build products for the best user experience. Their product design process focuses on user-centered design. The software development company runs workshops and design sprints to foresee and resolve potential problems. 

Order Group delivers software services to companies from challenging industries such as Aviation, real estate and construction, healthcare and education, transportation and logistics, banking and finance, government and NGO’s. 

They specialize in delivering customized solutions to deliver broad services such as:

• Advanced IT projects

• Product design

• Web and mobile apps

• Development teams

• Tech consulting

Their services broken-down include:

Web and mobile interface design

Order Group designers excel in web and mobile interfaces to provide top-notch user experience to ensure that companies stand a chance in the competitive global market.

Branding and graphic design

Order Group designers have immense experience in creating full-stack visual identity and rebranding projects. 

User experience design

Order Group helps its clients build products for the best user experience. Its product design process focuses on user-centered design.

Design sprint workshops

Order Group works together with all stakeholders involved in a company to create user journey maps. They do this by having a perfect understanding of the business objectives and needs of each end-user groups.

UX Audit

This software company has the best UX designers who use the knowledge acquired during the years to solve faulty user experience designs.

MVP development

Order Group defines a company’s minimum viable product [MVP] and works together to release it as fast as possible. They understand that one it is out, they can gather feedback from real users and start to work to improve it in the next iteration.

They also develop web and mobile apps for all platforms depending on needs:

Scalable, secure and easy to edit

Mobile applications need to be ready for smooth operations.  When users and paying customers arrive, it needs to be able to scale without any security concerns. Users bring valuable feedback, implementing changes easy.

Usable and well-crafted interface

A company needs experienced designers that will guarantee high-quality solutions and Order Group provides just that.

Other web and mobile apps solutions provided by Order Group are a native and hybrid approach, diverse tech stack, responsive front-end, and optimized back-end.

Order Group has some of the best technologies for the best service delivery. Some include:

Python development

This is a programming language that provides freedom to do almost everything. Order Group integrates it with other technologies for better performance.

Angular development

Angular is a popular solution in more significant organizations, and many clients ask to use it to keep integrity in the stack they use. Order Group uses JavaScript, one of the most popular web development technologies, to make it more efficient.

Java development

Order Group use Java to integrate their solutions with an existing system and for native apps for the Android OS. 

Other technologies that Order Groups uses are React JS development, Obj-C development, Ionic development, Django development, and Xamarin development.

Order Group has been involved in many case studies over the years, such as Clear Airspace, Ticketclub, Prime, ATOS, Lean Process Excellence, HRESS, and BizBot.

Over the years, this software development company has participated in many different software development projects and has observed the market to know why one project is successful and the other unsuccessful. They have robust development frameworks which use some of the world’s most successful tech companies. It is for this reason that Order Group has managed to establish itself as one of Poland’s leading software development companies.