Facebook gets its knickers in a twist

Facebook is in hot water after it refused to take down a fake page which claimed to be the Aussie ambassador to the EU.

Former Aussie Liberal leader Brendan Nelson is incandescent with rage after Facebook refused to take down the page which claims to be written by him.

The page attacked Aussie PM Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, and while he thought this was pretty lame, he was worried that he knew people who were interacting with the fake account believing it was genuinely him.

He wrote to Facebook in the US specifically drawing the account to their attention and asking that it be removed. Since he was ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, NATO and the EU, he was concerned about the potential for it to cause damage to the reputation of Australia.

But even in his position of relative official seniority, he could not do anything about it. In fact Facebook didn’t even respond.

He told the Financial Review that Facebook was frankly the least responsive organisation he had ever dealt with. Coming from someone who has dealt with Australian government officials before this is a pretty bold claim.

Nelson got the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and intelligence security agencies to look at his problem, and there was nothing they could do about it either.

We guess that the only way to get the American outfit’s attention is to declare war on the former colony. A touch drastic, but no Aussie can ever let a diplomatic slur pass it by.