Google gets cynical "apology" from ZDnet UK

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Google gets cynical "apology" from ZDnet UK

The dust-up between CNet and Google continues with a posted “apology” news item on sister site ZDnet UK. The US Web site CNet got into hot water when it posted an article earlier about the personal details of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. Google pulled the journalistic equivalent of a hissy fit and shut down any access to its company PR from CNet. The item on ZDnet UK, which at first blush seems to be the site editor’s challenging their Yankee colleagues and taking them to task about Googling Schmidt, reads like a very well-crafted parody with plenty of dry British humor. In the end, the UK editors are apologizing for nothing, and further taunting Google to give it up and get on with following their corporate motto to “do no harm.” (THG)

You can Read the UK story and the original CNet story here.