DRM moves into digital textbooks

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DRM moves into digital textbooks

Digital rights management (DRM) is not just a technology for content providers to set access rights to audio and video. MBS Textbook Exchange, the largest textbook wholesaler in the US, sees an opportunity to use DRM in course materials.

According to statement, digital textbook could be offered at significant less money that a regular printed version. MBS said that instead of a $100 printed version, a DRM-equipped eBook could sell for around $66 and – since it is virtual – will be available in unlimited amounts. As you may imagine, the 33 percent discount comes with a downside: The eBook can be used on only one computer and is available for a limited time. According to MBS, such a textbook will only open over a time of about five months – or roughly the length of one semester.

In other words, $66 does not buy, but rather rent a digital textbook. And this may seem rather expensive to some students and may not be convincing enough to jump on this offer. (THG)