NV45 is Nvidia’s PCI Express X16

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NV45 is Nvidia's PCI Express X16

Nvidia is beavering away creating the NV45, a chip which uses PCI Express and marks a break of tradition for the graphics gnome. “There will be two implementations of NV45 chips, as always. NV45 U implies Ultra and NV40 where Ultra will end up faster than 500, which is what Graphzilla is aiming for. Memory characteristics will be the same as the NV40, eight memory chips, 8x32BGA -144 GDDR 3 memory running at up to 600 MHz, 1200 MHz effectively. NV45 comes equipped with 256MB of 256Mbit GDDR3 memory, and not GDDR 2 like we suggested before. What’s the difference? Even the vendors don’t seem to know yet.”

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