Doomjuice.B attacks Microsoft’s website

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Doomjuice.B attacks Microsoft's website

Doomjuice.B only attacks previously infested computers, providing some relief to businesses that must be getting tired of worms crawling through the Internet. SCO can breathe a sigh of relief, as this worm only has Microsoft in its sights. Even so, remains down, having fallen to MyDoom on February 1st. Set to go off on February 12th, Doomjuice.B is similar to MyDoom, except that it does not leave source code on the infected computer, a stratagem that makes it difficult to catch the author. Doomjuice.B looks a lot like Doomjuice.A, but intensifies the distributed denial-of-service attack by setting random HTTP headers to make it more difficult to filter out attack traffic, according to Antivirus firm F-Secure.

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