Second Hand Smoke: Where’s Disestablish-mentarianism When You Need It?

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Second Hand Smoke: Where's Disestablish-mentarianism When You Need It?

There’s a new post in Omid’s blog. If you have followed our reporting and reviews in the past days, you may have noticed that Dell is serious about going after the gaming crowd. Not just a new desktop Gen 600, but especially with gaming notebook that comes with pretty much anything inside money can buy these days. Yep, we are talking about good old Dell, which wants a piece of the fancy high-end gaming PC market.

But do Dell and gaming fit together? In a notebook?

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“I was curious to read this Dell review after learning that Nvidia was going to push its high-end graphics through Mr.Beige some time ago, and I kept an eye on the reader mailbag, mostly expecting hoots of derision from gamers, thinking they’d be too cool for the Any-Color-As-Long-As-It-Does-Not-Offend Texas PC merchant.

You kinda think, hope, and wish that gamers would be twitchy freaks with a short temper, intolerant, and prone to paranoia. You know, the kind of people you’d like to have around when you are trying to promote unhealthy agendas.”

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