Insight into Apple strategy visible through job postings

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Insight into Apple strategy visible through job postings

The very clever and resourceful journalists at have discovered that a company cannot be too tight-lipped about its vision for the future, at the same time it’s actively seeking new employees who can bring that vision into fruition.

A series of recent job listings by Apple Computer provide a glimpse into the company’s future product plans and strategies. For example, Apple may be working on a new consumer oriented application that sports 3D graphics capabilities. According to a job posting, the company is seeking “awesome software engineers to build the next generation of Mac applications.” Apple says applicants are applying for a seat in the company’s Applications Group, which is responsible for such industry-leading software as iTunes, iPhoto, and Keynote. Requirements include prior Graphics/3D development experience and “a passion for user interface and pride in attention to detail.”

To see even more revealing job postings from Apple, go here(