Nanotech may bring 10 PByte 3.5" storage disks

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Nanotech may bring 10 PByte 3.5" storage disks

California nanotech firm Collosall storage claims that it holds essential patents to develop a disc storage with a capacity of up to 10 PBytes.

Called “Rewritable Atomic Holographic Storage”, such a disc could hold up 6840 hours of uncompressed high quality Video/TV hours, nearly 10,000,000 high-resolution images, or 30,000 four-drawer filing cabinets of documents, or 20,000 DVD’S Worm’s , or 4,000 BLU-Ray Worm disk’s on one 10 TByte 3.5 inch removable disc. If produced, a Atomic Holographic Storage disc drive will cost between $570 to $750 with disc prices running for about $45. is running a story about the technology on its website.