Market share of Internet Explorer is dropping

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Market share of Internet Explorer is dropping

According to web analytics firm Websidestory and a report published by eWeek, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer suffered the most significant drops in usage in more than eight years. Microsoft’s browser has dropped by 1.8 percentage points over the past three months to 93.7 percent of the market, Websidestory said.

One of the benefcators was Mozilla’s Firefox browser which is recorded comined with AOL’s Netscpae browser. The software has gained 1.7 percentage points since June and now is used by 5.2 percent of Internet users. Opera’s browser rose 0.1 percentage points to 1.1 percent.

After releasing PR 1 of its Firefox browser yesterday, the Mozilla foundation announced record download figures of more than 300,000 within 24 hours. That level of downloads represents 10 percent of Firefox 0.8’s total downloads over its first four months of availability, Decrem said to eWeek.

Microsoft said that it was not concerned of a major shift away from Internet Explorer.