Tom’s Hardware Guide launches online comparison shopping tool

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Tom's Hardware Guide launches online comparison shopping tool, a leader in online comparison shopping with 18 million monthly unique users, today announced a strategic partnership with Tom’s Hardware Guide, one of the Internet’s premier resources for PC hardware reviews and news, to provide a complete comparison shopping service through Tom’s Guide Stores (, a website created on the Tom’s Hardware Guide portal.

This partnership expands PriceGrabber’s market reach and targets technology enthusiasts who rely on the Tom’s Hardware Guide reviews, and who can now instantly shop for and purchase products easily online using’s comparison shopping service. The seamless integration of PriceGrabber’s shopping functionality provides Tom’s Hardware Guide’s 6.5 million worldwide unique visitors to access comparative shopping information on millions of products accessible through PriceGrabber.

“Tom’s Hardware Guide is a trusted and valued resource to many tech savvy users that demand and expect detailed and accurate information on tech products and trends,” said CEO & President, Kamran Pourzanjani. “We believe PriceGrabber’s breadth and depth of product coverage combined with Tom’s content make an excellent resource for even the most ardent technology enthusiast.”

PriceGrabber’s extensive product comparison features are accessible throughout Tom’s Hardware Guide’s product review channels. Tom’s Hardware Guide’s tech savvy users will benefit from PriceGrabber’s innovative features, including:

  • StoreFronts – Using PriceGrabber’s StoreFronts service, consumers and small merchants without Websites can list products for sale across the entire PriceGrabber network.
  • Shopping List – Perfect for the Tom’s Hardware Guide user, PriceGrabber’s Shopping List feature allows users who are shopping for multiple products, to easily identify the cost impact (including tax and shipping costs) of buying all of the products from a single merchant or making several independent purchases from a variety of stores.
  • Product Condition – PriceGrabber provides detailed and clear product condition information for products listed through PriceGrabber to help shoppers readily identify products that are new, used, OEM, generic third party, etc. so shoppers can make the most informed decision in choosing the right product.
  • BottomLinePrice – In addition to listed merchant prices, estimated tax and shipping costs are displayed based on the buyer’s zip code for easy best-value comparison.
  • Pricing alerts – Buyers can track pricing and availability of any product or category in the PriceGrabber database. The buyer customizes a shopping agent to “watch” a product or category until it reaches a desired price. The agent then notifies the buyer via email, with a link back to the desired product or category on the PriceGrabber site.
  • Product & Merchant Reviews – Customers submit their own reviews on products and relate their experiences with PriceGrabber’s online merchants.
  • Side-By-Side Product Comparisons – Easy-to-view chart of self-selected products for a simple and quick comparison of features to find the product that best fits your interests.

In addition, the access to PriceGrabber’s exclusive Market Reporter service is significant for the editors of Tom’s Hardware Guide, who are known for their unbiased reviews and articles. The Market Reporter provides real-time, customized market research capabilities, such as tracking market share, pricing trends, streamlining traffic patterns, and aggregating buying habits. Editors can now access PriceGrabber’s Market Reporter resource which will help them find relevant market data efficiently.

“We were looking for a strong solution to upgrade our existing comparative shopping capabilities to provide our consumers with a complete review experience,” said Omid Rahmat, general manager, U.S. Operations of Tom’s Hardware Guide. “The addition of PriceGrabber’s online shopping will offer our consumers with easy access to make purchases that will best suit their needs. Our partnership with PriceGrabber simplifies the purchasing process, further enabling them to shop smart and enjoy online comparison shopping.”

Check out our new service:Tom’s Guide Stores